Njuri Ncheke👔 Must Be Neutral in Politics:🔊 Elder

  |   Kenya News

A splinter group of the Njuri Nceke has slammed a move by rival group of endorsing Meru businesswoman Kawira Mwangaza. The group led by secretary General Linus Kathera said that Njuri Nceke are not supposed to endorse any candidate seeking election.

"Since the creation of the council of elders about 800 years ago there is nobody who has ever done what they did on Monday.we are not supposed to endorse anyone we work with the government that is in place they are working against the Meru customs," he said.

He urged people to vote for leaders they want and not to be convinced by 'clueless' elders. "Our leadership monarchical we are not political parties to take any sides," he said.

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