On the Eve of the Presidential Election, Paris Fashion Insiders Consider France’s Political Future

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“As a fashion designer, I’m hesitant to even touch the topic, but personally I’ve been quite concerned about the rise of extremists of all kinds. There’s this current of generalized anxiety running through Paris and especially the younger generation. What I do as a designer isn’t political per se, but what I try to do in my work, my shows and films, is celebrate the multiculturalism I love so much about Paris."

"To me, it’s so important to defend that. It’s a very simple message: It’s about the multilingual, peaceful coexistence of communities as well as the sharing that that implies. To me, creativity is about freedom: In my own way, I try to express values of openness and tolerance through Koché, and I feel the rise of conservatism is a threat to creativity both personally and in a larger sense."

"I’ve been listening to the debates and discussions nonstop and I have confidence in French democracy and French youth. On Sunday I’m going to be in my studio glued to the radio. I’m hoping that we will get out the vote and vote with conviction.” -- Jean-Marc Loubier

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