Ask Didi: Why is there war ⚔ in Syria?

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(+91...2) asks why is there war⚔ in Syria?

What started out as a peaceful demonstration☮ in 2011 against President Bashar al-Assad turned violent 🔫when the Syrian government decided to put the protesters down by force. This triggered a civil war between the government and the quickly formed rebel forces (the Syrian opposition). The situation spiraled out of control as outside powers 🌍 started taking sides and jihadist groups ☪ invaded trying to take advantage of the unrest. Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah (from Lebanon) are allied with the Syrian government which is Shi'a Islam. Saudi Arabia is allied with the opposition, primarily Sunni Islam. Turkey is also allied with the Syrian opposition except for the Kurdish militia. The United States is allied with the more moderate factions of the Syrian opposition including the Kurdish militia. The Jihadist groups Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (previously allied with al-Qaeda) and IS (previously ISIS) now control large parts of Syria, and are fighting everyone else. The war has spilled over to Iraq as well. With so many parties involved, the war seems to have no end in sight😱!

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