How to Do Tea Like a Royal . . . In Paris

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Springtime means high tea time, but what’s a girl to do when finances, distance, and effort make it impossible to cross the English Channel for a spot of tea? Fear not! A solution is in sight: A very fine tea can come to you—even in the land of café and croissants. On the quiet street of Avenue Gabriel lies one of Paris's best-kept secrets: a Haussmann-style mansion built in 1854, known as La Réserve. The best part? They serve a stellar afternoon tea.

The under-the-radar oasis, a favorite for those in the know such as Vogue cover girl Selena Gomez, is the ideal spot for British expat reveries. So, this weekend, in lieu of your usual Parisian brunch at Café de Flore, step outside your comfort zone and try something a little more thé oriented. As author Henry James once postulated, “There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.”

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