Donald Trump

Schwarzenegger accuses Trump of 'robbing (children) blind'

The Terminator is still going after the President.

He said of Trump's budget, "President Trump promised us he wants to 'make America great again.' That's not how you make America great, by taking $1.2 billion from the children and robbing them blind."

Later in the summit, during an on-stage …

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Engineer builds robot to burn Trump's tweets

President Donald Trump's tweets irritated a robotics engineer so much that he built a robot to burn each and every one of them.

David Neevel's red robot prints out each tweet on a piece of paper then switches on a lighter, burns it and dispenses the flaming remainders into an …

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What is the Trump administration’s foreign policy?

President Trump had a bizarre press conference yesterday morning. Excerpts:

On the Syrian gas attack:

It crossed a lot of lines for me. When you kill innocent children, innocent babies, babies, little babies, with a chemical gas that is so lethal, people were shocked to hear what gas it was …

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🐦 Trump's tweets

The President didn't do much crazy tweeting today.

🐦 I am deeply committed to preserving our strong relationship & to strengthening America's long-standing support for Jordan. KingAbdullahII.


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Trump just turned his Obama wiretapping conspiracy theory up to 11

President Trump has yet to provide or unearth proof that the Obama administration targeted him with surveillance, more than a month after initially making the stunning claim.

Today he made the stunning claim that Obama's National Security Advisor had committed a crime.

Much as with Trump's initial wiretapping claim, there …

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Stephen Bannon removed from National Security Council

President Trump on Wednesday removed controversial White House chief strategist Stephen K. Bannon from the National Security Council, part of a sweeping staff reshuffling that elevated key military and intelligence officials to greater roles on the council and left Bannon far less involved in shaping the administration's day-to-day national security …

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🏴ISIS🏴 message calls Trump 'foolish idiot'

Islamist terror group ISIS has unleashed contempt on both the United States and President Donald Trump in a new audio message, calling the latter a "foolish idiot."

"There is no clearer sign of you being ruled by a foolish idiot who does not know what Levant or Iraq or Islam …

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