Ask Didi: Symptoms of syphilis🤒?

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(+26...3) asks symptoms of syphilis?🤒

The first symptom is a small, often painless sore at the point of infection. The second set of symptoms occur between a month to three months of infection, and is most commonly a rash on the body and palm of the hands that may be accompanied by fever🤒, sore throat😷, headache, hair loss, etc. These symptoms disappear on their own, but the last set of symptoms that can occur many years after the initial symptoms are deadly💀. The third stage of syphilis involve large pockets of damage on skin and organs🤕. The central nervous system or the heart 💗can be affected as well. Syphilis can be easily treated by penicillin💊 if caught early. See a doctor if you are experiencing any symptoms.

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