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  |   Golden Temple Hukamnama

Ang: 670

Chant, O my mind, the True Name, Sat Naam, the True Name. In this world, and in the world beyond, your face shall be radiant, by meditating continually on the immaculate Lord God. ||Pause|| Wherever anyone remembers the Lord in meditation, disaster runs away from that place. By great good fortune, we meditate on the Lord. The Guru has blessed servant Nanak with this understanding, that by meditating on the Lord, we cross over the terrifying world-ocean. ||2||6||12|| Dhanaasaree, Fourth Mehl: O my King, beholding the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan, I am at peace. You alone know my inner pain, O King; what can anyone else know? ||Pause|| O True Lord and Master, You are truly my King; whatever You do, all that is True. Who should I call a liar? There is no other than You, O King. ||1|| You are pervading and permeating in all; O King, everyone meditates on You, day and night. Everyone begs of You, O my King; You alone give gifts to all. ||2|| All are under Your Power, O my King; none at all are beyond You. All beings are Yours-You belong to all, O my King. All shall merge and be absorbed in You. ||3|| You are the hope of all, O my Beloved; all meditate on You, O my King. As it pleases You, protect and preserve me, O my Beloved; You are the True King of Nanak. ||4||7||13|| Dhanaasaree, Fifth Mehl, First House, Chau-Padas: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: O Destroyer of fear, Remover of suffering, Lord and Master, Lover of Your devotees, Formless Lord. Millions of sins are eradicated in an instant when, as Gurmukh, one contemplates the Naam, the Name of the Lord. ||1|| My mind is attached to my Beloved Lord. God, Merciful to the meek, granted His Grace, and placed the five enemies under my control. ||1||Pause|| Your place is so beautiful; Your form is so beautiful; Your devotees look so beautiful in Your Court. O Lord and Master, Giver of all beings, please, grant Your Grace, and save me. ||2|| Your color is not known, and Your form is not seen; who can contemplate Your Almighty Creative Power? You are contained in the water, the land and the sky, everywhere, O Lord of unfathomable form, Holder of the mountain. ||3|| All beings sing Your Praises; You are the imperishable Primal Being, the Destroyer of ego. As it pleases You, please protect and preserve me; servant Nanak seeks Sanctuary at Your Door. ||4||1|| Dhanaasaree, Fifth Mehl: The fish out of water loses its life; it is deeply in love with the water. The bumble bee, totally in love with the lotus flower, is lost in it; it cannot find the way to escape from it. ||1|| Now, my mind has nurtured love for the One Lord. He does not die, and is not born; He is always with me. Through the Word of the True Guru's Shabad, I know Him. ||1||Pause||