Flooded with thoughtful net neutrality comments, FCC highlights “mean tweets”

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Net neutrality supporters have flooded the FCC with comments opposing Pai's plan to overturn the current net neutrality rules, particularly since comedian John Oliver tackled the topic on HBO a week ago. But for Pai, only one comment was important enough to warrant special mention.

On Friday, Pai issued a statement hailing the "exceptionally important contribution to the debate" made by a group of 19 nonprofit municipal-broadband providers. They wrote a letter saying that the net neutrality rules have forced them to "often delay or hold off from rolling out a new feature or service because we cannot afford to deal with a potential complaint and enforcement action."

On Thursday this week, the FCC will take a preliminary vote on Pai's proposal to overturn the net neutrality order. After three more months of public comment, the FCC could make the decision final.

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