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📺⚽ 16/5/2017 ⚽📺

Tonight's goals and highlights
Click the link watch the highlights 📹 :

⚽ Arsenal 2⃣ - 0⃣ Sunderland 📹

⚽ Manchester City 3⃣ - 1⃣ West Brom 📹

⚽ Reading 1⃣ - 0⃣ Fulham 📹

Bonus video: All the goals in the EPL over the weekend📹 …

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Azerbaijan hits Armenia defence unit in Nagorno-Karabakh

Azerbaijan says it has destroyed an Armenian air defence missile system in the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region, drawing a sharp response from the separatists who vowed retaliation.

Azerbaijan and Armenia - part of the former Soviet Union until 1991 - are locked in a protracted conflict over the disputed region, and almost went …

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Picasso painting stolen by Nazis sells for $45 million

Femme assise, robe bleu," a painting by Pablo Picasso, sold for $45 million at a Christie's auction in New York on May 15.

The painting depicts Dora Maar, a photographer, painter, and one of Picasso's lovers. It was created on Picasso's birthday on October 25, 1939. In 1940, during the …

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Palestinians mark 69th 'Nakba' anniversary with rallies

Palestinians commemorated the 69th anniversary of the Nakba, the "day of catastrophe", in which Israel was officially declared a state following the forced removal of more than 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and the destruction of over 500 villages and towns.

People across historic Palestine - including Israel, the occupied …

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Mexico: Journalist Javier Valdez shot dead in Sinaloa

Javier Valdez, an award-winning reporter who specialised in covering drug trafficking and organised crime, was murdered in the northern Mexico state of Sinaloa, the latest in a wave of journalist killings in one of the world's most dangerous countries for media workers.

Valdez's killing on Monday makes him at least …

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Uganda bans Dutch film for 'glorifying homosexuality'

Uganda's censorship board has banned a Dutch film, The Dinner Club, after accusing it of "glorifying homosexuality" the Embassy of The Netherlands in Kampala has said.

The Uganda Media Council described the film as women forming a "Dinner Club which is in reality a sort of brothel", and said the …

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Ivory Coast mutiny: Soldiers agree deal with government

The government offered the mutineers an immediate bonus payment of five million CFA francs (£6500; $8,400) for the 8,400 mutineers and a further two million CFA francs at the end of June.

The former rebels, now embedded in the army, who fought for years to get President Alassane …

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🇮🇳Indian Teen Builds 🌐World's 'Lightest 🛰Satellite'

An Indian teenager has built what is thought could be the world's lightest satellite, which will be put into orbit at a Nasa facility in the US in June.

Newcomer scientist Rifath comes from a small town in Tamil Nadu and now works as lead scientist at Chennai-based Space Kidz …

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Italy's Supervolcano May Be Much Closer to an Eruption

Almost 500 years ago, Italy's Campi Flegrei supervolcano erupted, spewing molten rock and thick plumes of smoke into the atmosphere for eight days straight, and literally forming a new mountain from the chunks of Earth it drew from below.

Now, researchers are warning that this vast, fiery cauldron could be …

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Mars voyage will include one-year layover in moon orbit

THE plan to send humans to Mars includes a one-year layover in orbit around the moon in the late 2020s, Fox News reports. Greg Williams, NASA’s deputy associate administrator for policy and plans at the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, revealed that NASA wants to build a “deep-space …

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George RR Martin🖋 Confirms 5⃣ 'Game of Thrones'⚔ Spin-Offs!

In the blog post titled ‘About these ‘spin-offs’ George RR Martin has made some big reveals and here are the deets. In addition to confirming that there will be five (not four) spin-offs, he said, “Every one of the concepts under discussion is a prequel, rather than a sequel… (and …

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Upcoming Disney Movie🖥 Held Ransom By Hackers👾

Hackers are threatening to release an upcoming Disney feature film on the internet if the studio does not pay a ransom in Bitcoin, the company's CEO, Bob Iger, told ABC employees on Monday.

The hackers purportedly threatened to release the film in sections, starting with the first five minutes, until …

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