Deepika💁🏻 & Salman💪🏽 to Pair Up at Last?

  |   Bollywood / Salman Khan / Deepika Padukone

By Ra👁

Deepika has set the screen on fire alongside several top stars but she's yet to team up with Salman. Several offers to work with Sallu bhai came her way in the past, yet Dippy decided to turn them down. Now, there's some exciting news for fans of both stars.

Salman and dad Salim Khan are planning a biopic on Helen, Bollywood's Cabaret Queen. She ruled the roost in the 60s and 70s and there's hardly been anyone since who can match her steps. Helen is also Salim's second wife and Salman often addresses her as his mother.

Recently, at a show, when asked who she'd like to play her in a biopic, Helen's immediate response was "Deepika!" Will Salman pay heed to her wishes and cast Dippy in the role, and will Dippy shed her reservations and work with Salman? Fans would want to say, "YES!"

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