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Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts

It was designed as an impregnable deep-freeze to protect the world’s most precious seeds from any global disaster and ensure humanity’s food supply forever. But the Global Seed Vault, buried in a mountain deep inside the Arctic circle, has been breached after global warming produced extraordinary temperatures over …

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Extremely Rare Albino Orangutan Found in Indonesia

A rare albino orangutan was rescued earlier this month from a village in Indonesia where it was kept in a cage.

The five-year-old orangutan, which was rescued from the Kapuas Hulu district in Borneo, has made quite a comeback, gaining up to 10 pounds in a couple of weeks.

The …

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'Cyclops' Goat Born in India

Born on May 10 with a single, enormous eye in the center of its face, a baby goat has survived a surprising eight days in a village in Assam, India.

The goat’s condition, called cyclopia, is characterized by the developing brain’s failure to separate into two hemispheres. As …

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Greece battles locust plague on Agios Efstratios island

Villagers on a tiny Greek Aegean island, Agios Efstratios, are battling a plague of locusts and a state of emergency has been declared there. The island has about 200 residents who rely on agriculture and fishing. Locust infestation is a recurring problem.

A member of the local administration, Stella Spanou …

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Cave Dig Shows Earliest Australians Enjoyed a Coastal Lifestyle

Out latest study reveals that at lower sea levels, this island was used as a hunting shelter between about 50,000 and 30,000 years ago, and then as a residential base for family groups by 8,000 years ago.

We do know that the earliest Australians were originally seafarers …

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Planting trees cannot replace cutting CO2 emissions

Growing plants and then storing the CO2 they have taken up from the atmosphere is no viable option to counteract unmitigated emissions from fossil fuel burning, a new study shows.

The plantations would need to be so large, they would eliminate most natural ecosystems or reduce food production if implemented …

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Famous Grandma Grizzly Bear Has Twins at 21

As a spring snowstorm barreled into Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on May 16, three figures ambled down the road, the mighty Teton mountains towering behind them.

Grizzly bear 399, arguably the most famous wild mother bear in the world, had returned yet again to her familiar haunt, Grand Teton National Park …

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Pioneer announces new semi-affordable Android Auto in-dash units

Android Auto is arguably one of the best in-dash systems on the market, especially compared to the receivers that come pre-installed in some new cars. Thankfully, if your new car’s entertainment system doesn’t include Android Auto, you can swap it out for a number of Pioneer aftermarket units …

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Jailbreak developer hacks NFC on iPhone 6s to talk to NFC devices

Jailbreak developer Elias Limneos has accomplished a feat with his jailbroken device that some are hoping will eventually be a standard feature on iPhones. He’s made it so that his jailbroken iPhone responds to NFC-enabled devices. Thus far, Limneos has tested his hack with NFC-enabled tags, but the proof …

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Zomato Sends Update Message after Security Breach

The multi-city restaurant app, Zomato, sent a public message after it was recently hacked where 17 million accounts were breached. It said in the message that it was talking with the hacker who was very willing to assist them in rectifying the hack. The 'friendly' hacker only wanted them to …

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