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📺 ⚽ 🌃 21/05/2017 ⚽ 📺

Tonight's goals and highlights
Click the link watch the highlights 📹 :

⚽ Malaga 0⃣-2⃣ Real Madrid 📹

⚽ Barcelona 4⃣-2⃣ Eibar 📹

⚽ Lazio 1⃣-3⃣ Inter 📹

Bonus video: Is Zidane the happiest man in football? 📹

📲 Get Football …

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Messi💫 Wins Pichichi Trophy🎆

Lionel Messi has regained the Pichichi Trophy for the first time since 2012-13 by finishing as La Liga’s highest scorer.

The Argentine netted 37 times for Barcelona this season, claiming the award for a fourth time and finishing eight goals ahead of last term's leading marksman Luis Suarez.

Cristiano …

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Real Madrid👑 Win LaLiga After 4⃣ Yrs🎉

Real Madrid have been crowned the champions of Spain after beating Malaga 2-0 in the final game of the season.

Though Barcelona beat Eibar 4-2, they could only finish three points shy of Real's 93, which meant the LaLiga title went to Santiago Bernabeu after an interval of four years …

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📺 ⚽ 🌇 21/05/2017 ⚽ 📺

Tonight's goals and highlights
Click the link watch the highlights 📹 :

⚽ Chelsea 5⃣-1⃣ Sunderland 📹

⚽ Watford 0⃣-5⃣ Man City 📹

⚽ Man United 2⃣-0⃣ Watford 📹

⚽ Liverpool 3⃣-0⃣ Middelsbourgh 📹

⚽ Arsenal 3⃣-1⃣ Everton 📹 https://goo …

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Erdogan 🔈 Emergency in Turkey to continue😞😨😦

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced🔈 on Sunday that a state of emergency, introduced as a temporary measure after last year’s failed coup, would continue until the country achieved “welfare and peace"🙄😦

This state of emergency allows Mr. Erdogan to rule by decree📝 without any parliamentary oversight or review by …

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📰 : China crippled CIA by killing 🇺🇸 sources

Up to 20 CIA informants were killed or imprisoned😱 by the Chinese government between 2010 and 2012, the New York Times 📰 reported, causing crippling damage to US information-gathering👀 in the country for years.

Furthermore, it was alleged that the 🇺🇸 still doesn't know what happened:surprised: and that the disappearance of …

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BREAKING: North Korea conducts new missile🚀 test

South Korea's military officials💂 reported🔈 that North Korea has conducted another medium-range ballistic missile🚀 test in the western district of Pukchang on Sunday afternoon local time.

The latest missile🚀 flew about 500km (310 miles), and flew towards the Sea of Japan. Last week's missile🚀 by North Korea travelled about 700km …

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🔫Taliban in Kabul: German 👩 killed, Finnish 👩 feared kidnapped😱

🔫Gunmen in the Afghan capital Kabul attacked a guesthouse, late Saturday night, killing a German woman👩 and beheading an Afghan guard💂😱

The guesthouse is run by a Swedish NGO, Operation Mercy. A second woman, from Finland, is missing and has possibly been kidnapped the Interior Ministry said🔈

Afghanistan is in …

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BREAKING: Taliban kill 20 👮 in Afghan offensive

At least 20 Afghan 👮policemen were killed and more than 15 wounded early Sunday😞 by Taliban fighters who stormed multiple security outposts in Shah Joy district in the southern province of Zabul. What is worse is that ,apparently, local officials made desperate calls to Afghan 📺 stations to seek attention as …

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Volunteers needed to smoke pot for .... science

Researchers at Washington State University need volunteers for a study to develop a breathalyzer for pot.

The breathalyzer would need to accurately detect “acute exposure” to tetrahydrocannabinol.

As part of the study, volunteers will be asked to answer questions regarding food, drink and other edibles they have recently consumed before …

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5,000 refugees rescued on route to Italy from Libya

About 5,000 refugees bound for Italy were rescued in waters off the coast of Libya between Thursday and Saturday morning by Italian and Libyan coastguards, according to statements from both countries.

About 2,900 people were rescued on Thursday, 2,300 of whom were found in international waters and …

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Indian woman cuts off genitals of rapist Hindu holy man

An Indian woman cut off a Hindu religious teacher's genitals after he allegedly tried to rape her at her house in the southern state of Kerala, police said on Saturday.

District police chief G Sparjan Kumar told AFP news agency by phone that the suspect repeatedly visited the victim's house …

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Moss is turning Antarctica's icy landscape green

Moss banks, found across parts of the western Antarctic Peninsula, have grown dramatically over the past 50 years, according to a study published in the scientific journal Current Biology.

"If you'd taken a photograph of these parts of the Peninsula 50 years ago it would have been a monochrome shot …

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North Korea vows to strengthen nuclear-strike ability

At the United Nations, North Korea's deputy ambassador, Kim In Ryong, said Pyongyang would never abandon its "nuclear deterrence for self-defense and pre-emptive strike capability" even if the US ratchets up sanctions and pressure "to the utmost."

Asked about Beijing and Moscow's support for the six previous rounds of UN …

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South African men march against abuse of women and children

Hundreds of protesters, most of them men, have marched in the South African capital, Pretoria, over rising levels of violence against women and children.

"The time to take collective responsibility for our shameful action is now," said Mr Masha, who described himself as "a loving dad, brother and uncle."

The …

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