Trump mocked Obama for bowing to a Saudi king. And then he …

  |   Donald Trump

After two weeks of what one The Washington Post writer calls "nearly unrelenting disaster of bad decisions and bad news," Trump embarked on his first overseas trip as president to visit Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

Obama's bent-waist handshake with King Abdullah caused one of the great furors of his first year as president.

Republicans ran a political ad about the bow in 2009; the White House press secretary unconvincingly denied it happened; and Trump was one of many who cited it years later as a symbol of Obama's weakness - "he begs and pleads and bows."

Understandable, then, that Trump's firm, vertical handshake when he greeted the Saudi king's successor was seen by many as "a lesson in American exceptionalism."

But then, later that day: was that a ...? A bow? Surely not, some insisted, after watching Trump bend his knees, slump forward and bob his head to let King Salman place the honorary collar of Saudi Arabia's founder around his neck. He's just "bending over," one supported suggested. "He's receiving an award." "More of a squat than a bow."

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