Sachin's🏏 Family Will Feature Extensively in His Film 🖥

  |   Bollywood

By Ra👁

When Sachin's autobiography 'Playing It My Way' first hit the stores, it became an instant bestseller. Not just because it had the master blaster's name attached to it, but also because it revealed facets of the icon that fans were until then not attuned to; this despite Sachin being in the limelight all these years.

So when Sachin's docu-drama ‘Sachin: A Billion Dreams’ releases this Friday, the fan frenzy at theatres can be expected to hit the roof. What then, does the film bring to the big screen, that the book hasn't?

Apart from the Little Master's acting debut, it will be interspersed with extensive participation from his family too. His mother, brother and wife will make appearances and regale fans on Sachin. Truly special indeed, no?

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