Save us from ourselves, Formula 1 teams tell Liberty's Chase Carey

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Formula 1 CEO Chase Carey says top F1 teams have told the championship's new owner Liberty Media they want to be "protected them from themselves" in spending terms.

Carey says teams are spending so much purely to match their rivals, and the only way to tackle this is to tune the rules to reduce costs and stop unnecessary expenditure.

"What some of the teams spend on the sport today is an incredible amount, and they'll acknowledge it's an incredible amount," said Carey. "To some degree they're saying, 'we need to be protected from ourselves.' There are a handful of teams that spend an extraordinary amount that aren't really spending to create something that enhances the consumer experience. What they're doing is spending because two other guys are spending it, so they've got to do it to compete with the other guys. And we want this to be healthier for all the teams, we'd like to be a healthy business for them."

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