Surf's up! Wayyy up: 64-foot monster wave recorded in Southern Ocean

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A buoy moored about 400 miles south of New Zealand recorded a monster wave Saturday towering nearly 20 meters high. The wall of water measured 19.4 meters (approximately 63.6 feet).

"This is one of the largest waves recorded in the Southern Hemisphere," said Dr. Tom Durrant, senior oceanographer at MetOcean Solutions, the company that deployed the buoy in conjunction with the New Zealand Defence Force.

Announcing the last record-breaking wave, the WMO said the significant wave height measurement "is comparable to what an observer would see as an average of about 15-20 well-formed waves over a period of about 10 minutes." "Not only is it surviving these large waves, but it is making detailed recordings of extreme sea states in the Southern Ocean, a region rarely observed by in-situ instrument," he said.

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