Roadblock🚧 for ₹1000 Cr Mahabharata🏹 Film

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The long-shelved project starring superstar Mohanlal in the role of Bheem, Mahabharata, was recently revived after a UAE based Indian filmmaker invested Rs 1000 crore into the two-part project, and the movie made headlines thereafter.

If reports are to be believed, a leader of the pro-Hindu group Kerala Hindu Aikya Vedi, KP Sasikala, has threatened to stall the screening of Mahabharata in Kerela. She apparently wants the movie to retain the name of the novel, which is based on – MT Vasudevan Nair’s award-winning book Randamoozham.

“A big budget film is coming from Kerala named Mahabharatham. We are happy but the Hindus here have a condition – only a film which is close to the story of real Mahabharatham written by Vyasan should carry its name. No other movie can be named Mahabharatham. If the movie is based on Randamoozham, let the name of the film also be named same. Veda Vyasan also has his rights,” she said during the Aikyavedi meeting, according to The News Minute.

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