Jennifer Lopez Is Leaning Into Her New Cool Mom Look

Jennifer Lopez has always been a champion of the tracksuit, starting with the Juicy Couture version of the early aughts. Who could forget the bubblegum pink version she wore in her “I’m Real” music video? The haute sweatsuit has undergone a resurgence as of late, turning up on the …

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Marion Cotillard Finds the Ultimate Concert Tee at Cannes

Marion Cotillard may be associated with the kind of classic French style she exemplified as the face of Lady Dior, but her Cannes wardrobe has been far from traditional. From arriving in sporty Y-Project at the photocall for her latest film, Ishmael’s Ghosts, to donning a custom Michael Halpern …

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The Best Western Boots to Wear for Memorial Day

This sturdy tried-and-true staple of the American West, built for grit and hard work, has been around for ages.

And for a more sinister streetwear angle on the style, feel free to wrangle your inner hypebeast with a Vetements über-high black boot with a perversely curved toe or wriggle into …

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