Lewis Hamilton: Matching Ayrton Senna in Monaco would be 'unreal'

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Lewis Hamilton says matching his idol Ayrton Senna's tally of pole positions at this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix would feel "very unreal".

Hamilton needs just one more pole to draw level with Senna's total of 65, a feat he could achieve this weekend in Monaco at a circuit Senna famously dominated. The Brazilian claimed a record six wins, eight podiums and five poles around Monte Carlo's iconic streets during his career.

"I love to watch the old on-board footage of Senna racing in Monaco -- seeing him coming out of the tunnel and thinking 'Hey, that's what I do every year now!'," Hamilton said. "And matching his qualifying record? That somehow feels very unreal and I am very honoured being up to him. But there is no pressure about that: if it happens it happens, if not then not."

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