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Uber to Repay Millions to Drivers, Who Could Be Owed Far More

Uber said Tuesday that it had made a mistake in the way it calculated its commissions, at a cost of tens of millions of dollars to its New York drivers, and the company vowed to correct the practice and make the drivers whole for the lost earnings.

The ride-hailing service …

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New iPhone 8 renders show rear Touch ID and color variations

Two new sets of images claiming to show the upcoming design of the so-called iPhone 8 due out later this year have shown up in Chinese social media today.

The new images seen above and below appeared on Weibo today and could be inaccurate depictions of how the iPhone 8 …

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Twitter updates its emoji set with full Emoji 5.0 support

Twitter designer Bryan Haggerty has shared today that the social media platform has updated its emoji to include all of the new images available with the Emoji 5.0 release.

This update brings all of the 69 new images (239 with skin tone variations and duplicates) that are included in …

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Tizen update brings new apps, features and more to the Gear S3

Samsung's Gear S3 sits upon my wrist day-to-day, and it seems I'm not the only one who's fallen in love with it, as Samsung's Tizen OS recently surpassed Android Wear.

In the latest update (via TizenExperts), rolling out now, Samsung is pushing out the usual bug fixes and general improvements …

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Too much spin caused Mars probe Schiaparelli crash, experts say

An electronic dizzy spell caused by spinning too fast led the European Space Agency (Esa) probe Schiaparelli to crash land on Mars, an investigation has concluded. Scientists said three minutes after entering the Martian atmosphere, “unexpected high rotation” resulted in “saturation” of an instrument in the craft tracking spin rate …

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Whales reached huge size only recently

This is the extraordinary finding from a new study that examined the fossil record of baleens - the group of filter feeders to which the blues belong. These animals were relatively small for most of their evolutionary existence and only became the behemoths we know today in the past three million …

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Renovations to secure Norway seed vault

Renovation work is underway at a vault built on an Arctic island off northern Norway to store seeds from key staple crops after water was detected in an access tunnel. The water collected at the entrance of the 100-metre long tunnel that leads into the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

Measures …

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The Winners and Losers in NASA's New Budget Proposal

NASA's fiscal year 2018 budget proposal was released today, and some of the priorities of the agency are going to get switched around. The budget suggests $19.1 billion for NASA in 2018, only $561 million less than what the agency received in fiscal year 2017, but human spaceflight and …

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Psyche Mission to Reach Metallic Asteroid 4 Years Earlier

NASA announced on May 24, 2017, that it would be launching the Discovery-class Psyche mission one year earlier, which will enable it to reach the nickel-iron asteroid of the same name four years earlier than previously planned. Thanks to spacecraft and trajectory redesigns, the probe is now scheduled to launch …

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Learning to read and write rewires adult brain in six months

The team recruited 30 Hindi-speaking adults from two villages near the north Indian city of Lucknow, with an average age of about 31 years. Twenty one people from this group were taught to read and write the Devanagari script, which is used in Hindi and other Indian languages, over six …

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