Donald Trump

Trump's team trying to restrain his tweets

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Trump's team is discussing ways to curtail his use (and abuse) of Twitter.

In the past, Trump has taken to Twitter to accuse President Obama of wiretapping him as well as to contradict his own spokespeople.

His team is believed to …

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Trump's foreign trip: What's the handshake situation? 🤝

Trump's awkward handshake situation has been well documented, including here at Duta.

In the past we have reported on his handshake with Canadian PM Trudeau (📹, we thought Trudeau won, and handshake with Japanese PM Abe (📹, Trump won).

Now Trump is travelling abroad …

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Trump leaves European allies fuming😡👿

As reported earlier by Duta, Trump spoke at the NATO conference today. At the speech, he

  • Demanded that other NATO leaders "pay up."

  • Refused to endorse the mutual aid principle.

Both of these have left other European allies fuming.

Separately, he referred to the Germans as "bad, very bad."

In …

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Trump: Germans are bad, very bad

At the NATO summit, Trump reportedly said, "the Germans are bad, very bad... Look at the millions of cars they sell in the US. We will stop this."

Of course, German cars sold in the US are manufactured in the US, so putting an end to it would cause severe …

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At NATO summit, Trump refuses to endorse "mutual-aid clause"

President Trump did not explicitly endorse the mutual-aid clause of the North Atlantic Treaty at the NATO summit on Thursday despite previous indications that he was planning to do so.

Article 5, as it is known, stipulates that other NATO allies must come to the aid of an ally under …

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Federal appeals court maintains freeze of Trump’s Muslim ban.

Next step: Supreme Court?

In a 10-to-3 decision, the Richmond-based court said the president’s power to deny entry into the United States is not absolute and found that the Muslim ban “in context drips with religious intolerance, animus and discrimination.”

The president's authority, the court said, "cannot go unchecked …

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