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Ask Didi: What makes a penis crooked🍌?

(+27...8) asks what make a penis crooked🍌?

Some people have a slight bend in their penis, and this is completely normal. A significant bend that is sometimes accompanied by pain is called Peyronie's disease, which may be stressful 😰 but not life-threatening. Doctors don't really know the exact cause of …

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Ask Didi: Playing video games 🎮 bad for my health?

(+27...1) asks is playing video games 🎮 bad for my health?

No, playing video games is not bad for your health. Of course, if you play way too much, you may end up with bad posture, and become unhealthy from not getting enough exercise🏃 and time outside the house🌞. Video …

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Ask Didi: Not easy to forget one's first love💔?

(+25...6) asks why is it not easy to forget one's first love💔?

Scientists have found that both novelty and intense emotions release chemicals that aid memory formation in our brains. First love 💖 is accompanied by both novelty and intense emotions, and that's the ultimate combination for the creation of …

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