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PM ✌Modi is ecstatic about having completed 3⃣ years & is congratulating all the 🔸BJP cadres on the same. ✌Modi also inaugurated the Dhola-Sadiya 🌉Bridge in Assam today.

🐦Had a very insightful meeting with Prof. Michael Porter, a leading strategic thinker and economist.

🐦Sharing my speech at the programme to mark …

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PM ✌Modi Stresses on Affordable Treatment👨‍⚕ for All

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday stressed on reducing dependence on other countries for getting medical equipment so as to make treatment affordable for people.

"Seventy per cent of medical equipment used are imported from foreign nations. This situation has to change because it makes the treatment very costly," he …

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Bureaucrats💼 Now Have Hotline to PM ✌Modi

Under PM Modi's system of secretary-level panels, ideas that may have remained on paper don't just find traction but are even getting implemented. "If I can convince committee members, there's every chance the PM will give his go-ahead to implement a scheme," said a secretary .

Junior officials too can send …

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PM ✌Modi Inaugurates Dhola-Sadiya 🌉Bridge

With the NDA government completing three years in power, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday inaugurated Dhola-Sadiya bridge, the country’s longest bridge, among a slew of projects aimed at the development of the North East region.

Estimated to have cost around 10,000 crore, the 9.15-km-long bridge will …

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