Trump leaves European allies fuming😡👿

  |   Donald Trump

As reported earlier by Duta, Trump spoke at the NATO conference today. At the speech, he

  • Demanded that other NATO leaders "pay up."

  • Refused to endorse the mutual aid principle.

Both of these have left other European allies fuming.

Separately, he referred to the Germans as "bad, very bad."

In the meantime, Russia is set to begin a set of "exercises" in the Baltic. Such exercises are considered to be "covers for offensive ops."

The harsh tone had a toll, as Trump was left largely on his own after the speech as leaders mingled and laughed with each other, leaving the U.S. president to stand silently on a stage ahead of a group photo.

The long day of gruff Brussels meetings was a contrast from his friendlier Middle East encounters, where Trump embraced the authoritarian Saudi monarchy and said he had been wowed by Saudi King Salman’s wisdom.

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