Happy Birthday, Stevie Nicks! 5 Ways to Channel Her Boho-Chic Style

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“Time makes you bolder,” Stevie Nicks sang, a shrewd line from the iconic “Landslide,” which she wrote at 26. Today the singer turns 69, which is especially hard to believe considering the timeless appeal of her music and her boho style. Among her many claims to fame, Nicks employed multiple wardrobe changes during live performances, switching into a new outfit after almost every song.

The dizzying number of transformations not only served to inspire a fleet of Stevie acolytes to wear leather and lace to her sold-out shows, they also helped Nicks combat stage fright when she first began touring with Fleetwood Mac. “I needed a uniform,” she once said. “I’ll be very, very sexy under 18 pounds of chiffon and lace and velvet. And nobody will know who I really am.” Though today Nicks is still a woman under wraps, her fashion sense remains as rock steady as ever—just one reason to pay homage to the queen of rock ’n’ roll on her birthday.

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