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Ask Didi: How is eye contact 👀 important?

(+26...1) asks how is eye contact 👀important?

Eye contact is thought to inspire confidence, sincerity, and attentiveness. It helps foster feelings of trust and friendliness. It's interesting to note however, that in some cultures, lowering one's gaze 😌 is a sign of respect, so the same rules of communication do …

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Ask Didi: Fail to give birth 👶 though she receives her monthly period?

(+96...4) asks can some one fail to give birth 👶 though she receives her monthly period?

There are many causes of infertility. Aside from problems with ovulation (which will result in irregular or absent periods), there may be physical problems with the uterus, Fallopian tubes, or cervix. These problems could …

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Ask Didi: Is elongated labia minora important🤔?

(+26...0) asks is elongated labia minora important🤔?

Elongated labia minora is considered important in certain parts of Africa🌍, particularly in sub-Saharan and Eastern Africa. For the rest of the world, however, it is not considered important As for whether elongation of the labia minora truly makes sex more pleasurable …

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Ask Didi: How to stop hiccups🤔?

(+26...9) asks how to stop hiccups🤔?

This is what Duta didi does when she has hiccups. Take a deep breath, exhale as much air as possible (breathe out), and hold your breath for ten seconds. After ten seconds, without taking another breath, breathe out whatever little air is left …

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