Diving deep into the world of emergent gravity

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According to Professor Erik Verlinde from the University of Amsterdam, it may be that dark matter does not exist. His work indicates that in a Universe with dark energy (a positive cosmological constant), gravity does not exactly follow general relativity. His preliminary calculations indicate that the difference between general relativity and his work may provide forces that we currently ascribe to dark matter.

Getting rid of dark matter is a big, headline-grabbing claim, and Verlinde's gotten his share of attention when he's promoted his ideas in the past. But is there really anything to such a seemingly bold idea? We talked with the dark energy man himself to get a better idea.

"I want people to search for it [dark matter] as much as they can, because I’m convinced that they won’t find it," he told Ars. "Eventually, if indeed they don't find anything, they may start to think that, maybe, it's something else."

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