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Ask Didi: Why causes low sperm count🤔?

(+23...7) asks what causes low sperm count?

There are too many possible causes for didi to list! Some causes include stress😓, overheating the testicles🔥, drug 💉 and alcohol 🥃 use, smoking🚬, obesity, infections🤒, exposure to pesticides and heavy metal, and cancer😱! Low sperm count can often be treated - go see a …

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Ask Didi: Is a short goalkeeper ⚽🥅not preferable?

(+26...8) asks is a short goalkeeper ⚽🥅 not preferable?

Tall goalkeepers seem to be the fashion these days. In the Premier League, the average goal keeper height is 6' 3'' (1.90 m) and the shortest is Claudio Bravo at 6 feet (1.83 m). Height maybe preferable but overrated …

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Ask Didi: Why am I addicted to coffee☕?

(+27...1) asks why am I addicted to coffee☕?

Coffee has lots of caffeine, which is mildly addictive. If you regularly consume coffee, you may get a headache🤕, feel tired😪, and be in a bad mood🙁 for a couple days when you quit. Doctors don't consider caffeine a serious addiction …

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