The Ultimate French Girl Detox Program Kicks Off at the Ritz Paris

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While Paris is the destination for many a splendor—long afternoons spent idling in cafés, rich art collections that rival none, un pain au chocolat (or two)—detoxing is not usually one of them. That is, until now. Enter the Ritz Paris’s 30-day health-centered program, Un Mois Rien Que Pour Moi (A Month Just for Myself), which kicks off today with an array of wellness offerings.

Thanks to an innovative new lineup, the hotel’s fitness menu, which includes standbys like Pilates and “stretching,” gets a welcome upgrade. Now, members of the Ritz Club and guests of the recently renovated hotel can partake in a slew of 45-minute-long classes, such as kickboxing with Olympic medalist Mathieu Bauderlique, tension-releasing aqua yoga in the neoclassic indoor pool, and a Hula-Hooping tonic, which combines strengthening and toning with the cardiovascular benefits of the childhood pastime.

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