Jessica Chastain Calls Out Cannes Films📽 For Dismal Portrayal Of Women👭 📹:

Jessica Chastain concluded her time as a jury member of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival by speaking candidly about a trend she found “quite disturbing” after watching 20 films in 10 days.

“The one thing I really took away from this experience is how the world views women, from the female characters that I saw represented,” Chastain said during a press conference.

“And it was quite disturbing to me to be honest,” she continued.

The actress was quick to point out that there were some exceptions to what she saw. “But for the most part, I was surprised with the representation of female characters on screen in these films,” she added.

Chastain’s comments soon went viral, with more female leaders in the entertainment industry celebrating her candor.


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