👔President Hopeful Nazlin Umar 😠Confronts Chebukati

  |   Kenya News

Presidential aspirant Nazlin Umar confronted IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati on Monday after finding her name was not in the voters' register, demanded to know why her name was missing. She accused the commission of being malicious and not following procedure. "My documents are not out of order. The IEBC's are. This is a violation in the laws," she said.

"Let's respect each other. Go back to the desk and get processed," he said. "Go back to the [verification] desk and when you are ready to be cleared we shall hear you." But the hopeful continued complaining, claiming the electoral agency had planned to block her.

Chebukati answered: "I think we are done here...get yourself checked. I don't want you to address me. I just want you to give me your documents for verification so that I can get back to you. I want to assume you came to IEBC and made your presentation. If your name is missing, this is not the forum for this."

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