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Ask Didi: Heath complications 😷 from drinking coke zero?

(+26...9) asks are there heath complications 😷 from drinking coke zero?

Coke zero, like many other diet sodas, contain caffeine, aspartame, and acesulfame K. None of these ingredients have been shown to be harmful to health. However, diet sodas have been linked to stroke, dementia, and type 2 diabetes in …

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Ask Didi: Blow drying your hair everyday🤔?

(+26...3) is blow drying your hair everyday bad for it🤔?

While blow-drying your hair does not lead to hair loss, it does make your hair dry and brittle. You may also notice more split ends. To minimize the damage, hold the blow drier far away from your head on …

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Ask Didi: I get horny 😍 when watching lesbian porn

(+23...3) asks if I get horny 😍 when watching lesbian porn does that mean I am a lesbian?

Maybe yes, maybe no! Fantasy 🦄 and real life can be quite different. Certainly, men who are turned on by lesbian porn are not lesbians 😜

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Ask Didi: Should I sell my kidney💉?

(+26...9) asks should I sell my kidney💉?

There is only one country in the world 🌍 where selling kidneys is legal, and that's Iran. If you want to sell your kidney anywhere else in the world, you are letting criminals do major surgery on your body 😱- not a good idea …

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