Here's What Sachin Tendulkar🏏 & Ranveer Singh🤡 Have in Common!

  |   Bollywood

By Ra👁

While it's hard to believe that Sachin Tendulkar and Ranveer Singh would have anything in common, here's the thing. They're the only two privileged Indians who've visited the global headquarters of Adidas!

Ranveer caught the finals of UEFA European Championship in France. Whilst there, he met up the top tier of the Adidas team who then invited him to their headquarters in Germany.

Making good on his promise to them, Ranveer became only the second India, after Sachin, to have visited their HQ. A self-confessed sports buff, Ranveer spent a whole there, making full use of his exclusive access. The quirky dresser also had a chat with Adidas' in-house designers during his visit.

Now, something fun could come out of that, no?

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