🇰🇪Kenya 🚀Launches Modern 🚃SGR Passenger Rides in Mombasa

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A proud President Uhuru Kenyatta said goodbye to the "lunatic train" on Wednesday when he launched the modern Madaraka Express passenger train service in Mombasa.

Uhuru beamed with the smile of a man who had reached a once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment. “This is a historic day...a day when everyone of us should feel proud to be Kenyan,” he said, adding it was a milestone in transformation to an industrialised, prosperous and middle-income country.

He added at the Miritini terminus that "we have launched the Madaraka Express to reshape the story of Kenya for the next 100 years." But Uhuru noted that despite criticism at the time of its construction, the lunatic train was Kenya's foundation in the early years.

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