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Ask Didi: Women like 😍 big dicks🍆🍌?

(+23...8) asks is it true women 😍 big dicks🍆🍌?

Not really. After all, women fall in love 💘with men without ever having inspected penis size. Most women don't really care about size unless it's very small or very big. A penis that is too big can even cause pain and …

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Ask Didi: Pregnant 🤰and not recognize it?

(+27...2) asks can a woman be pregnant 🤰 and not recognize it?

Early in a pregnancy, it's quite common for a woman not to recognize a pregnancy, especially if she has irregular periods. Most women will have a visible baby bump 🤰 by 4 months, and be able to feel her …

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Ask Didi: Highest paying 🤑 engineering job?

(+23...3) asks what is the highest paying 🤑 engineering job?

The highest paying engineering job is petroleum engineering. Petroleum engineers ⛏ design and research ways to extract oil and gas from newly discovered deposits and old wells. Their median pay is approximately $130,000 USD 💰 per year. However, petroleum engineering can …

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