60,000-odd units of donated blood go down the drain every year, reveals Karnataka govt

  |   India News

Despite the demand for blood and blood donors in hospitals and blood banks, a whopping number of blood units are wasted every year. Contrary to supply and demand, the increasing number of blood units is wasted every day!

According to state government records, a total of 60,000-plus blood units are discarded every year in both government and private blood banks. While a few units are discarded for damage in blood bags or insufficient quality, an even more number of units are discarded for being 'outdated'!

According to the statistics, in 2016-17 alone, a whopping 64,913 units of blood were discarded, out of which 34,052 were discarded for being outdated! In 2015-16, 64,361 blood units were disposed of with 32,644 being 'outdated'.

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