Diane Keaton 👓 Reveals Which Celebs✨Are Not Her Friends 📹: https://goo.gl/JtSezP

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Everyone in Hollywood loves Diane Keaton. The 71-year-old actress recently received the AFI Life Achievement Award, where dozens of celebrities showed up to pay their respects to the Annie Hall star. And while Keaton appreciated the outpouring of support, she said on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday she doesn't consider her co-stars lifelong pals: "They've worked with me."

Keaton then began to review the list of attendees and presenters from her AFI ceremony. "Some are important, you know? Like Meryl Streep!" she said. "That's an important person."

Host Jimmy Kimmel asked, "Is she not your friend, Meryl?"

"I love her. But I don't see her very often," Keaton said. "She doesn't call. But I love her!"

Sarah Silverman "was funny," Keaton said. Unaware that Silverman had once dated Kimmel, she gushed, "I thought she was very funny and very attractive." That tickled Kimmel, who joked, "I guess you didn't go too deep into that Wikipedia, and you skipped the personal life part of it."

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