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  |   Golden Temple Hukamnama

Ang: 561

The Perfect Guru leads me to meet my Beloved; I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice to my Guru. ||1||Pause|| My body is over-flowing with corruption; how can I meet my Perfect Beloved? ||2|| The virtuous ones obtain my Beloved; I do not have these virtues. How can I meet Him, O my mother? ||3|| I am so tired of making all these efforts. Please protect Nanak, the meek one, O my Lord. ||4||1|| Wadahans, Fourth Mehl: My Lord God is so beautiful. I do not know His worth. Abandoning my Lord God, I have become entangled in duality. ||1|| How can I meet with my Husband? I don't know. She who pleases her Husband Lord is a happy soul-bride. She meets with her Husband Lord - she is so wise. ||1||Pause|| I am filled with faults; how can I attain my Husband Lord? You have many loves, but I am not in Your thoughts, O my Husband Lord. ||2|| She who enjoys her Husband Lord, is the good soul-bride. I don't have these virtues; what can I, the discarded bride, do? ||3|| The soul-bride continually, constantly enjoys her Husband Lord. I have no good fortune; will He ever hold me close in His embrace? ||4|| You, O Husband Lord, are meritorious, while I am without merit. I am worthless; please forgive Nanak, the meek. ||5||2|| Wadahans, Fourth Mehl, Second House: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: Within my mind there is such a great yearning; how will I attain the Blessed Vision of the Lord's Darshan? I go and ask my True Guru; with the Guru's advice, I shall teach my foolish mind. The foolish mind is instructed in the Word of the Guru's Shabad, and meditates forever on the Lord, Har, Har. O Nanak, one who is blessed with the Mercy of my Beloved, focuses his consciousness on the Lord's Feet. ||1|| I dress myself in all sorts of robes for my Husband, so that my True Lord God will be pleased. But my Beloved Husband Lord does not even cast a glance in my direction; how can I be consoled? For His sake, I adorn myself with adornments, but my Husband is imbued with the love of another. O Nanak, blessed, blessed, blessed is that soul-bride, who enjoys her True, Sublime Husband Lord. ||2|| I go and ask the fortunate, happy soul-bride, "How did you attain Him - your Husband Lord, my God? She answers, "My True Husband blessed me with His Mercy; I abandoned the distinction between mine and yours. Dedicate everything, mind, body and soul, to the Lord God; this is the Path to meet Him, O sister". If her God gazes upon her with favor, O Nanak, her light merges into the Light. ||3|| I dedicate my mind and body to the one who brings me a message from my Lord God. I wave the fan over him every day, serve him and carry water for him. Constantly and continuously, I serve the Lord's humble servant, who recites to me the sermon of the Lord, Har, Har.

Ang: 562

Hail, hail unto the Guru, the Guru, the Perfect True Guru, who fulfills Nanak's heart's desires. ||4|| O Lord, let me meet the Guru, my best friend; meeting Him, I meditate on the Lord's Name. I seek the Lord's sermon from the Guru, the True Guru; joining with Him, I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. Each and every day, forever, I sing the Lord's Praises; my mind lives by hearing Your Name. O Nanak, that moment when I forget my Lord and Master - at that moment, my soul dies. ||5|| Everyone longs to see the Lord, but he alone sees Him, whom the Lord causes to see Him. One upon whom my Beloved bestows His Glance of Grace, cherishes the Lord, Har, Har forever. He alone cherishes the Lord, Har, Har, forever and ever, who meets my Perfect True Guru. O Nanak, the Lord's humble servant and the Lord become One; meditating on the Lord, he blends with the Lord. ||6||1||3|| Wadahans, Fifth Mehl, First House: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: His Darbaar, His Court, is the most lofty and exalted. It has no end or limitations. Millions, millions, tens of millions seek, but they cannot find even a tiny bit of His Mansion. ||1|| What is that auspicious moment, when God is met? ||1||Pause|| Tens of thousands of devotees worship Him in adoration. Tens of thousands of ascetics practice austere discipline. Tens of thousands of Yogis practice Yoga. Tens of thousands of pleasure seekers seek pleasure. ||2|| He dwells in each and every heart, but only a few know this. Is there any friend who can rip apart the screen of separation? I can only make the effort, if the Lord is merciful to me. I sacrifice my body and soul to Him. ||3|| After wandering around for so long, I have finally come to the Saints; all of my pains and doubts have been eradicated. God summoned me to the Mansion of His Presence, and blessed me with the Ambrosial Nectar of His Name. Says Nanak, my God is lofty and exalted. ||4||1|| Wadahans, Fifth Mehl: Blessed is that time, when the Blessed Vision of His Darshan is given; I am a sacrifice to the feet of the True Guru. ||1|| You are the Giver of souls, O my Beloved God. My soul lives by reflecting upon the Name of God. ||1||Pause|| True is Your Mantra, Ambrosial is the Bani of Your Word. Cooling and soothing is Your Presence, all-knowing is Your gaze. ||2|| True is Your Command; You sit upon the eternal throne. My eternal God does not come or go. ||3|| You are the Merciful Master; I am Your humble servant. O Nanak, the Lord and Master is totally permeating and pervading everywhere. ||4||2|| Wadahans, Fifth Mehl: You are infinite - only a few know this. By Guru's Grace, some come to understand You through the Word of the Shabad. ||1|| Your servant offers this prayer, O Beloved: