Hindu Sena to celebrate 71st birthday of Donald Trump, the ‘saviour of humanity’

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A little-known outfit called the Hindu Sena that calls US President Donald Trump the "saviour of humanity" will celebrate his 71st birthday with much fanfare on Wednesday at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi.

The event will begin with a "raj tilak" ceremony followed by cutting of a cake weighing 7 kg and 100 grams. A cake weighing 7 kg and 100 grams will be cut in the function signifying his 71st birthday," Vishnu Gupta, President of Hindu Sena, said. He also said the event will also have a "photo exhibition' of Trump, featuring the US President's pictures since his childhood.

Talking abut the rising unemployment, Gupta urged Prime Minister Modi to increase employment rates within the country, so that people don't migrate to other countries in search of jobs.

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