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Sex In Space Needs To Be Studied Urgently, Says Scientist

On a recent Atlantic Live panel, Assistant Professor Kris Lehnhardt, from George Washington University, described sex in space as a “real concern” and one that humans have not addressed to date.

But Lehnhardt says that there is something we are missing. He told the live audience: “Something we really don …

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Evidence that Jupiter is the oldest planet in the solar system

An international group of scientists has found that Jupiter is the oldest planet in our solar system. By looking at tungsten and molybdenum isotopes on iron meteorites, a team of scientists found that meteorites are made up from two genetically distinct nebular reservoirs that coexisted but remained separated between 1 …

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Eighth Wonder of the World in New Zealand?

Two researchers believe they have located the buried Pink and White Terraces, a natural formation which was destroyed more than a century ago. The Pink and White Terraces of Lake Rotomahan in New Zealand’s North Island were cascading pools made up of silica-rich deposits created by geothermal springs.

Strikingly …

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The 'space nation' Asgardia will attempt its first launch this summer

A non-profit organization called Asgardia is trying to form the first nation in space. Asgardia will launch a small satellite in summer 2017 as a means of establishing its presence in orbit.

The founders of Asgardia, which is named after Norse mythology's city in the skies, hope to create a …

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Fungi, spider and scorpion toxins could help fight malaria

A new study from the University of Maryland and colleagues from Burkina Faso, China and Australia suggests that a mosquito-killing fungus genetically engineered to produce spider and scorpion toxins could serve as a highly effective biological control mechanism to fight malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

The fungus is specific to mosquitoes and does …

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Our Sun May Have an Evil Twin Called "Nemesis"

After analysing data from a radio survey conducted on a dust cloud in the Perseus constellation, two researchers from UC Berkeley and the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory have concluded all Sun-like stars are probably born with a companion.

"We ran a series of statistical models to see if we could account …

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Two-headed porpoise caught in fishing net is first ever found

Fishers off the coast of the Netherlands got quite a shock when they caught what has now been confirmed as the first case of conjoined twin harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena).

With a single body and two fully grown heads, this is a case of partial twinning, or parapagus dicephalus. The …

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E3 2017 games list: COD, God Of War, Spider Man & More

🎮E3 2017 Games:

Uncharted The Lost Legacy (DLC)📹:
Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds (DLC)📹:
Days Gone📹:
Monster Hunter World📹:
Shadow of the Colossus📹:
Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite📹: https://goo …

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Uber board member resigns after making sexist remark

Uber board member David Bonderman made a sexist remark during today’s meeting about the prevalence of sexism within the company has resigned from his position. Bonderman said his comment was “careless, inappropriate, and inexcusable.”

Bonderman was recorded making the remark in reply to to fellow board member Arianna Huffington …

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Maxed out iMac Pro could cost over $17K

The upcoming iMac Pro will be available this December and Apple shared that the base model will cost $4,999. However, some of the most impressive specs will be pricey upgrade options like an 18-Core processor, 128GB ECC memory, 4TB SSD, and more.

Apple hasn’t shared any pricing details …

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Xerox Alto designer, co-inventor of Ethernet, dies at 74

Charles Thacker, one of the lead hardware designers on the Xerox Alto, the first modern personal computer, died of a brief illness on Monday. He was 74.

The Alto, which was released in 1973 but was never a commercial success, was an incredibly influential machine. Ahead of its time, it …

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