‘World Of Dance’ Is The Best New Show On TV — It’s Exhilarating Must-See TV

  |   Hollywood

If you haven't tuned in on Tuesday nights to NBC's new hit show 'World of Dance,' you need to start now.

The enthusiastic hopefuls who compete on NBC's new World of Dance summer show are every bit as athletic perfectionists as the Olympians who compete in gymnastics, track and field, synchronized swimming and more.

For French twin brothers, hotties Laurent and Larry, their enthralling hip hop routine was a tale about a heartrending romantic breakup endured by one of the brothers, who admits that he's still hurting.

Hough, himself, fell in love with dance when he was just about 10 years old when he got dragged along to dance lessons by his four sisters (including DWTS judge Julianne Hough!)

In a time when monetarily-strapped school boards are cutting arts programs across the country and Donald Trump is threatening to totally defund the National Endowment of Arts, it's wonderful that World of Dance is showing millions and millions of Americans how mesmerizing and essential dance is!

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