🇮🇳Army Recovers Footage from 🇵🇰Pak Commando's Camera📷

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A Pakistani commando, shot dead by the Indian Army after he crossed the Line of Control in an attempt to behead Indian soldiers yesterday, was wearing a camera mounted to his head. NDTV has learnt that senior Army officers are studying the footage which may show the Pakistan Border Action Team (BAT) crossing the Line of Control, thereby disproving Pakistan's standard denial for any such action.

The footage examined so far may include video of Pakistani training camps as well, sources have said. It is unclear at this stage whether the footage shows the entire gun battle with Indian jawans who intercepted the Pakistani Border Action Team when they were just 200 metres from an Indian Army post. No decision has been taken so far on whether the government intends to release this footage in the public domain.

Details are also emerging of how the terrorist whose body was recovered was likely to have been a serving soldier of the elite Special Services Group (SSG) Commando force of the Pakistan army.

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