Blood-Sucking🔪 Serial Killer Deserves No Defence🔊: DPP

  |   Kenya News

Confessed blood cult serial killer Philip Onyancha should be locked up in an asylum for the criminally insane — without considering his defence, the DPP says. On Friday senior assistant DPP Moses Omirera said Onyacha is a very dangerous person who should never be released.

Omirera urged trial judge James Wakiaga to invoke section 166 of the Criminal Procedure Code, find him guilty of murder and commit him to an institution. Doctors who examined Onyancha said he is of sound mind. Omirera said the report prepared by Dr Fredrick Owiti states that he cannot answer any question or defend himself, given his condition.

A chilling videotaped confession was played in the High Court in 2015. The accused ‘vampire’ narrates in detail how he lured unsuspecting women and killed them over five years before he was arrested in 2008.

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