🇺🇸US Wishes 🇮🇳India 'Happy Independence Day' 2⃣ Months in Advance

  |   PM Modi News / India News

India celebrates 70 years of freedom this August 15, but White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has wasted no time wish our country and its citizens. Addressing his daily press briefing, Spicer was asked about the upcoming Donald Trump-Narendra Modi meeting at the White House.

In response, Spicer said that he'd first like to "wish the people of India a happy 70th anniversary on their independence."

Answering the question, Spicer said President Trump and Prime Minister Modi will "discuss ongoing cooperation, including counterterrorism, defense partnership in the Indo-Pacific region, global cooperation, burden-sharing, trade, law enforcement, and energy. I think it's going to be a very robust discussion." Spicer's comment on wishing India on its independence was not followed up by a reporter's comment, so it remains unclear whether the press secretary was merely wishing India in its 70th independent year.

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