CNN Producer👨‍💼 Criticizes Network's Russia🇷🇺 Coverage in Undercover Video 📹:

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CNN has had a difficult few days. On Monday, three staffers resigned following the removal late last week of a reported article about a supposed congressional investigation into a Russian investment fund and a financier with ties to President Trump's administration.

On Tuesday, the network was hit with an undercover video, shot by a right-leaning government watchdog group, that purports to show a CNN producer critiquing the network's frequent coverage of potential collusion between Russia and the Trump administration.

You can watch it here 📹:

In the nearly nine-minute-long video, an unidentified Project Veritas associate chats with John Bonifield, a supervising producer in the CNN Medical Unit. In the video, a person said to be Bonifield expresses the opinion that CNN is covering the Russia story primarily out of a desire to increase ratings and make more money.

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