🌆Traffic 👮Police to Take 🎙Dhinchak Pooja to Task for Not Wearing Helmet

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Dhinchak Pooja who is one of the leading song producers in cringe-worthy genre could soon face action against her for not wearing helmet in her latest song 'Dilon ka shooter'. In this song, Pooja can be seen roaming streets of Delhi in a scooter flouting traffic rules by not wearing helmet.

The Delhi Traffic Police swung into action after a citizen alerted them on Twitter. The citizen complained to DTP of a woman roaming on her scooter in areas around Surajmal Vihar and singing songs aloud.

The Delhi Traffic Police probably mistaking Pooja for an ordinary citizen assured the complainant of an appropriate action against her. This urgency shown by DTP is bound to earn them heaps of praise from across the nation. Meanwhile 'Dilon ka shooter' has sparked a spate of spoofs and memes on social media trolling Pooja.
Dhinchak Pooja has disabled Dislikes and Comments on her youtube video.

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