🇳🇱Dutch PM Tweets PM ✌Modi in Hindi, Leaves the Internet 😂Confused

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi this morning returned to India after his three-nation tour. PM Modi visited Portugal, the United States and ended his tour in the Netherlands. This year marks 70 years of Indo-Dutch diplomatic relations. So, naturally, a little Twitter diplomacy was to be expected. PM Modi tweeted enthusiastically in Dutch several times during his visit. His Dutch counterpart tweeted back in Hindi. Except, it seems like he might have had a faulty keyboard as the message was tweeted without a single space, making it quite a mouthful to read.

Take a look at the Dutch PM's tweet in Hindi: नीदरलैंड्समेंआपकास्वागतहै @narendramodi भारतऔरनेदेरलैंड्सके 70 सालकेद्विपक्षीयरिश्तेकेसाथमैहमारीबैठककेलिएबहुतउत्सुकहूं

Translated: "Welcome to the Netherlands @narendramodi Our bilateral relations go back 70 years and with that I am extremely excited about our meeting," reads the tweet, roughly translated.

Tweeted about 18 hours ago, the tweet quickly went viral, with many noticing and joking that the Dutch President didn't know how to use spaces!

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