Ekta Kapoor & Konkona Sen👭 on Sanitary Napkins Taxed under GST😤

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While promoting their film 'Lipstick Under My Burkha',💄 Ekta Kapoor and Konkona Sen expressed their displeasure😤 over the 12% tax levied on sanitary pads under the GST rollout💸.

Ekta said, 🔈"Honestly, I am not that well read about what is being taxed and how much, but have definitely heard a lot on this issue. Personally, I think the necessity of a woman cannot be taxed. Be it a choice, a need or a desire. We have to stop using words like 'that time of the month' or other things. Say it, I have my periods. There is nothing to be shy or embarrassed about."

Konkona opined, 🔈"If you don't have any control over your bodily function, how can it be considered to be taxed under luxury goods. It's not like you'll voluntarily say 'I won't put out my AC tonight'. It's not the same thing."

She also added, 🔈"I don't know why adults are laughing when such an important question is being raised. We talk about toothbrush, toilet paper, toothpaste but the moment sanitary napkin comes, we all go 'haw sanitary' like we are in school."

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