💫NASA Manifesto🔊: 🇰🇪Kenyans to Lose ⚡Power to Directly Elect a 👔President

  |   Kenya News

Kenyans will lose the power to directly elect a president under a National Super Alliance (NASA) government in a radical proposal that the Opposition says will enhance national unity.

According to the alliance's manifesto, if Raila Odinga is elected President, NASA will sponsor constitutional amendments in its first 100 days in office to provide for a hybrid executive system based on the Bomas draft as a mechanism for enhancing cohesion. The Opposition alliance says a directly elected president in a presidential system favours larger communities and encourages exclusivity.

"A hybrid parliamentary system based on the Bomas draft will not only allow individuals from smaller communities to rise to the highest office in the land but also encourage an inclusive system of power sharing," the manifesto adds. It does not however specify how exactly a President will be elected but the manifesto hints at a model that is not based on a popularity vote as is done in the United States.

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