Nanok🔈: Turkana Wants 30% Oil Proceeds🛢Under Raila

  |   Kenya News

Turkana will benefit more from oil proceeds if NASA forms the next government, Governor Josephat Nanok has said. Opposition flag bearer Raila Odinga said 30 per cent of the proceeds will remain in the county, not the five per cent offered by Jubilee.

Nanok noted Raila has committed to ensuring locals get their fair share of revenue when extraction begins. “The Jubilee government wants to give us only five per cent of this, even after I told President Uhuru Kenyatta this is important to Turkana people. He would not listen,” Nanok said.

In March, the President referred to the Governor as a fool and a devil after claims that his government had allocated Turkana insufficient funds.

An agitated Uhuru, who spoke in Kiswahili, also responded to claims that he has interests in the county's oil. He said no one should tell Kenyans the lie about him needing oil belonging to others.

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